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Chocolatey Breakfast Bites

There is no doubt that these aren’t a patch on Pain au Chocolat, but if you have some scraps of puff pastry hanging around they’re a pretty pleasing use of it. I had some left over from making a pie, … Continue reading

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Pulled Pork Buns

The Americans know how to BBQ.  I’ve heard it said and tasted it before, but to see it in action is a sight to behold.  To use an American expression, they ‘kick our butts at grilling’.  We have the wonderful … Continue reading

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Sowing Seeds

Embarrassingly, since my last ‘gardening’ post there has been very little action.  However, over a month later (honestly speaking, it’s been 2 months), I finally found myself urged to plant some seedlings.  The thing that swayed me mentally was getting into … Continue reading

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Coconut Muesli

I don’t want to offend anyone, but people who buy muesli are CRAZY.  Especially the expensive stuff that pushes up its prices for the fancy box / bag.  I don’t much like dried fruit in my muesli either – so … Continue reading

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Polenta, the North Italian equivalent of a potato, is a funny beast.  It takes a lot of love – in the form of stirring and time – and can so often vary from being delicious to a kind of dull … Continue reading

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Tea with Alec and a Hot Cross Bun

To put it mildly, my sister Sophie (Alec’s mum) has an obsession with Hot Cross Buns.  To the extent that I got a text from her on the 21st January asking if it was the season to indulge in them … Continue reading

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Chairman Mao Pork

A week or so ago James and I feasted at the relatively new and exciting Hunanese restaurant, Yipin .  We’d been warned that the food would be unlike anything we’d experienced before and yet I still wasn’t quite prepared to be … Continue reading

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Can You Flip It?

After this little incident happened, I thought best not to try. 3 second rule? I’m not entirely sure the world needs another pancake recipe, but hey ho, got to enter into the spirit and all.  So here is a little … Continue reading

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Squashed Apple Soup

There’s an evening with a bit of a difference at ours tonight.  A group of friends are coming round for some life drawing, which all materialised because the lovely class I used to enjoy at the Bonnington Centre has come … Continue reading

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Simple Salad

I started this year out so well; keeping my office tidy, working in a structured, orderly fashion, going to the gym and posting here regularly.  But come the end of January, I’d had enough and most good intentions were thrown … Continue reading

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Lucky Chip

My post about Meat Liquor created a bit of a debate on Facebook about where exactly the best London burger could be found, so investigation has duly begun. Prompted by Geoff (a contributor to the brilliant blog Things We’ve Eaten), … Continue reading

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Alarm Clocks, Cheese and Wine

I had a surge of guilt and panic over the tedious nature of my Christmas present for James.  It was a pretty snazzy digital radio alarm clock, but I worried it might seem a little naggy (i.e a ‘wake up, … Continue reading

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Getting the Gardening Brain in Gear

So it’s time to start thinking about the garden again.  It’s nice thinking about tomatoes and summery delights in mid winter.  It warms you up a touch (briefly).  First off I need to coax James in to dig over the soil … Continue reading

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Lamb Shank with Braised Red Cabbage

My main concern when cooking for a bunch of friends (other than taste) is that I don’t actually have to do much cooking once they’ve arrived.  This lamb shank casserole ticks the boxes on that front.  You put it in … Continue reading

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Curry Goat

I thought long and hard about what to do with the left over goat meat, there was quite a bit of it and I really wanted to use it properly.  I had some really interesting suggestions – thank you Jenny … Continue reading

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Slow Cooked Shoulder of…

Last Friday we went down to our local butcher to see what they had to tempt us to roast up that weekend.  James was edging towards a massive and beautiful looking hunk of beef, but I couldn’t take my eyes … Continue reading

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Fennel Cured Salmon

On the Bank Holiday Monday we went for a good old walk through Regent’s Park and up to Primrose Hill with Molly, Jason and their tiny dachshund puppy Wolf.  This culminated in a lovely bloody mary fuelled lunch at the … Continue reading

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Meat Liquor

This is a post of a slightly different nature to the norm, I’m still reeling from the delicious burger I had last night and feel a strong urge to share the experience.  For those who haven’t already read the hype … Continue reading

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Warm Lentil and Pepper Salad

First off, Happy New Year!  I’ve returned from the mayhem of Christmas with many a good resolution to post more regularly and am starting off the year with a good healthy lentil salad.   Simple and cheap to make and … Continue reading

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Munching on the Train: Sausage Rolls

The big 3, oh, oh has fast been sweeping through my circle of friends and the brilliant upside of this is the excuse to celebrate.  Last weekend we went on the train up to Scotland for the wonderful Molly’s birthday. … Continue reading

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