The Perfect Scrambled Egg

I was chuffed when James said my scrambled eggs were the best. Love may be blind and all that, but when it comes to the kitchen he is my harshest critic and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s very useful to have someone with a keen palette and huge interest in food so close at hand when I’m writing / testing recipes. It was these scrambled eggs that provided the first batch of shells to protect my newly planted rocket seeds from the evil slug.

Serves 2

2 slices of good, fresh wholemeal bread
butter, plenty, about 15g
4 nice and fresh free range eggs, beaten
3 tbsps milk

First off, melt the butter in a saucepan over a low to medium heat and let it get to the stage where it foams and starts to smell a little like digestives. Add a good pinch of salt, grinding of pepper and a couple of pinches of cayenne to the beaten eggs and mix in the milk. Pour this into the buttery pan and leave to cook for about 30secs, get the bread in the toaster. Turn the heat up a little, give the eggs a stir and let them begin to scramble – stirring all the time. Remove them from the heat just before they look ready – they should still be a little gloopy. They’ll keep cooking a little while you butter your toast, then plop them on top and enjoy.

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