Slug Sabotage

As soon as I saw the first signs of life from my amazing little seedlings I was adamant that no one would do them any harm. They will be protected with all my might.

First on my list of combatants is the hungry slug, they may love lettuce, but they’re not having mine. They are curious creatures and I spent the best part of an hour watching one, believe me I find this a strange thing to have done, but somehow a couple of glasses of wine down it was as good an entertainment as any. In fact, James questioned why we had even bothered buying a TV.

Prior to slug surveillance, I had set down a few preventative measures as I knew there were some lurking in the darkness of the garden. Egg shells. I first saw this big slug when it was approaching the egg shell border around my row of rocket, perfect timing to put the shells to the test. Initially it seemed to be deterred and did a full on sluggish u-turn, but then it got a burst of bravery or on second thoughts it considered the sight of the rocket to have a stronger force than the pain of the crushed egg shells. So egg shells don’t work, plus to protect all the plants I’d need to eat a lot of cake, omelette and scrambled eggs.

I had also put a bowl of beer lowered into the soil as I’ve heard they love a good drink, so before it actually made it to the rocket which it had been making a bee line for, we moved it towards the beer. It couldn’t have been less interested and left the beer fest after only a couple of sips and headed right back to where it came from. At this point, I’m sorry to say that the slug pellets seemed to be the only one of my tactics that was having any effect. Sorry Mr Slug. I would prefer not to have to kill them, but sadly for the slug I value the life of my plants a little more than that of his.

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One Response to Slug Sabotage

  1. Marc-Frederic says:

    Copper wire or old copper piping will deter slugs. Trust me!

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