A question of thinning…


The first signs of life

I’m not sure I quite explained how extreme my excitement was when I saw my seeds begin to sprout.  I dreamt about it.  I called my Mum to tell her.  I showed anyone who came near our house.  I talked about it in the pub with my friends (sorry).  I talked to the builder next door about it, in fact I’m a bit embarassed as he’s doing work in our neighbour’s garden and he keeps catching me smiling at my little plants.  I’m near to obssesional.

In need of thinning...

So I was a little upset when I learnt that I had to uproot some of them to thin them out in order to give each space to grow.  I couldn’t believe that essentially each little seedling itself is apparently going to be one whole lettuce – it makes sense really as when I think about it a lettuce only has one root.  It is possible to dig them up and replant elsewhere, but we haven’t really the space.  Next year though, I think i’ll try the method of planting the seeds in little pots and then transplanting them to the main veggie patch or have more faith that most seeds will become a lettuce, I couldn’t quite believe this when I first sowed them, hence the few extra for good luck approach.  They look so lonely now, but I have thinned to the distance stated on the back of the packets and only hope I didn’t leave it too late.

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