Wilting Lettuce

With my tail between my legs and a very long face, I have to admit I am whole-heartedly worried about the future of my lettuce.  It hasn’t died (well, not all of it) and still looks reasonably healthy, the problem is that it simply hasn’t really done much, if any, growing over the last few weeks.  My sister tactfully described it as being stunted.  Being the amateur I am, I can’t exactly explain the reasons so any thoughts would be gratefully received as I will try, try and try again.  I will also hold out to see if any miracle happens before they completely fade out.

Possible explanations I’ve come up with are these… not enough sun in the patch I went for as they probably only get about 3-4 hours in the morning?  Planted a little too late, perhaps being plantable in september, means early September?  I don’t think the soil is too poor as they appeared to germinate easily, but perhaps I messed up with the whole thinning out excercise?  My make-shift polytunnels were a laughable idea?

I’m very upset about this failure.  On the up side though, my garlic is being very enthusiastic.

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