Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

While I’m thinking about snowy christmassy things, I’m just going to make a quick note about our beautiful Christmas tree which loosely falls under the category of indoor gardening.

It came from a wonderful company based in Dorset (who deliver to London) called Trees for Rent.  The idea is that rather than chopping a tree down which will die and get thrown out at the end of Christmas, this one keeps living.  They will come and pick it up on the 5th January and replant it and what’s more is that we can have the same one next year, and the year after that, and so on.  Eventually though we may need to get a taller house.

This is how it looks, yet to be decorated apart from the yellow Snowman (who I swear was white when I made him late the other night*).  It smells amazing and all we need to do to keep it living is water it every day.

*CBo: D 23/25

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