An attempt to grow some chillies…

I’m excited.  As I type my chilli seeds are patiently drying out upstairs.  I’m really hoping, fingers tightly crossed, that I have a greater success with the chillies than I did with those mischievous lettuces.  Drying out the seeds seems a simple enough process, you remove them from the chillies, put them on some kitchen paper, pat them dry a bit, spread them out and leave them somewhere warm, out of direct sunlight but with a good airflow.  They need to be turned every other day or so and should take around a week to dry, at which point they should be brittle and you shouldn’t be able to dent them with your teeth or nails.

I’ve got a few different seeds on the go; finger chillies, scotch bonnets and standard red and green chillies.  If they work this year, I might splash out on some more fancy varieties next year.  

Once the seeds are dry, I’m going to pot them up in some empty containers I’ve been saving (from cream, yoghurt, etc).  Watch this space for my mini chilli farm. I hope there will be enough success for there to be some plants up for grabs!

Also on the growing front, a couple of weeks ago I finally got round to digging over the soil in the garden.  You do this by digging a trench,  as deep as a spade is long and about a spade’s width wide.  Put the soil from that trench at the other end of the patch you’re digging.  Add some compost to the trench and then cover up with the soil from the next trench you dig beside it.  Keep repeating until you’ve dug and added compost to the whole patch.

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