Blood Orange with Star Anise Syrup

Blood oranges don’t normally appear in the UK until the end of January and then they only stick around for a couple of months – so it’s important that in February and March you get your fix.  We got a couple in our veg box this week, so I’m assuming the season has started a little early this year… I think they are delciously sweet and such an exciting colour.  I’ve written a really quick and simple dessert recipe here, but there are hundreds of things you can do with them and if some more come my way I’ll put up another recipe – they would be great for example in a warm salad with beetrot and fennel and maybe some nuts.

50g sugar

1 star anise

pared zest of half a lime

2 blood oranges

1 orange

1 tsp pomegrante molasses (oprtional)

handful pomegranate seeds

100ml yoghurt

a few mint leaves

Place the sugar in a small pan with 100ml water, the star anise and the lime zest.  Put over a low heat and slowly let the sugar dissolve.  Once it has dissolved turn up the heat and let it bubble away for five minutes.  Remove from the heat and let stand for 10 minutes.  Stir in the pommegranate molasses if using.

Remove the skin and pith from the oranges, the easiest way to do this is to cut off the bottom of the orange and stand it on the board.  Then use a knife to cut the skin away from top to bottom, work your way all the way round the orange.

Place the slices on a serving plate and pour over the syrup.  Decorate with some sprigs of mint.  Stir the pomegranate seeds through the yoghurt and serve on the side.

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3 Responses to Blood Orange with Star Anise Syrup

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  2. Hi there

    Love the blog. I shall get Tom to make the blood orange with star anise 😉

    keep posting

    I think you get the same box as me? Riverford? I had blood oranges too for the third week in a row. Yummy!


  3. Thanks Fiona. We get Abel and Cole, but I’ve heard that Riverford are very good too!

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