Chilli Exploit – Phase Two

I write this with a certain degree of nerves.  I’m really not entirely confident that my tiny little shriveled up chilli seeds are going to sprout into some beautiful fiery hot chillies.  It just seems a little hard to believe.

There are two ways of doing this as far as I can tell.  I’m giving both a shot.  First off is the easy method.

As I mentioned before, I saved a bunch of old plastic pots.  This morning I pierced a load of holes in the base of them for drainage and filled them up with some John Innes no.1 soil.  I then scattered four seeds in each, covered them with a little more soil, sprayed them with a tiny bit of water and have now put them next to a radiator and near a window (if I had a propagator that’s where they’d be, but I don’t).  I hope that something will happen.

The other method involves allowing them to sprout before planting and you do this by putting the seeds somewhere warm in some damp kitchen towel, inside a freezer bag.  Mine are nestling up against the boiler.  Once they’ve sprouted you do the same as for the non-sprouted seeds.

Time will tell on this one I guess.


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