Chilli Chilli Chilli

I was on the verge of losing all faith in my chilli planting attempts and have been slowly coming to terms with the need for a post about how I am a truly rubbish gardener and how I should never have embarked on it in such a cavalier fashion.  However…  All hope is not lost!  I went to check the seeds wrapped in kitchen paper and squashed in next to my boiler, and lo and behold five of them have sprouted.  My little angels!  They have been gently potted and are going to receive all my love, care and attention.  Who knows, some of the others may sprout soon too.  Again, I’m excited.

My Little Seeds of Hope!

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One Response to Chilli Chilli Chilli

  1. Looks like one of these little seeds is sprouting through the soil. This may work!

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