Gnocchi with Spinach and Bacon

The frugal Scot inside me is pretty pleased with herself for this one as it used up so many odds and ends that were leftover from recipes I’ve been testing over the last couple of days.  The thought train started with this solitary baked potato:

I remember someone once telling me that the best gnocchi was made from potatoes that had been baked, because they are really dry which helps to make the gnocchi nice and light.  So I decided to take advantage of this lonely potato and put it to the test in some gnocchi. 

To top it off, I happened to have (about) half an egg leftover from glazing a tart.  I realise that these bitty ingredients will make this a slightly irritating recipe to follow, but it would be very easy to double it all up using two smallish potatoes (or one big), 1 whole egg and about 120-130g oo flour.

The topping again was made from lots of bits and pieces in my fridge and you can really be as creative as you like with your sauce, or simply serve with some home made pesto or something super simple. 

Anyway here goes the recipe with lots of pictures to help guide you through…  This recipe serves 1, generously.

For the gnocchi:

1 small baked potato, 120g

65g OO Flour

1/2 egg (25g)

Remove the skin from the potatoes and combine the flesh with the flour, create a well in the centre.  Add the beaten egg to the well.

Combine the two together to make a smooth soft dough, do not overwork the dough.  Add a little more flour if it seems very moist.

Roll the dough into a long thin sausage about 60cm long.

Cut this into small pieces, each about 4cm long and then make an indent on each with the back of a fork. 

Cover with a sheet of clingfilm while you make the sauce and put a large pan of salted water on to boil.

For the sauce

Fry 1/2 sliced onion with 50g bacon lardons until the onion has softened and the bacon has turned golden.  Add one sliced garlic clove, a pinch of chilli flakes and a grating of lemon zest.  Cook for a minute and then add 100g spinach and allow it to wilt down, stirring occasionally.

Meanwhile, add the gnocchi to the boiling water and cook for about two minutes.  You’ll know when they are done because they will rise to the surface.  Drain and then stir through the spinach with a few leaves of torn basil.

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4 Responses to Gnocchi with Spinach and Bacon

  1. Christopher says:

    At! last une bonne idee for the lonely unwanted baker. cant wait to have ago and might even try to use pure egg white instead of the half egg as i often have left over egg whites, from custards ice cream and hollandaise etc. any other ideas for egg whites? I did a potatoe demo recently and decided yes that dry spuds are best for Gnocchi and cooked like thuis they really remain dry!

    • thanks christopher – let me know how your gnocchi go! as for other ideas for egg whites….. they could make a nice batter maybe, or any light biscuity thing like a macaroon or tuile. i’ve also heard of people using them to lighten fools and that sort of thing. Whisky sour?? or i’m sure a number of other cocktails!? Mmm. I’ll keep thinking, i’m planning on posting some more egg white recipes as soon as I have an abundance of them…

  2. Timmy says:

    Finally I have a left over baked potato, and I can try out this recipe. The only problem – it’s a sweet potato. How do you reckon I adjust the recipe? Perhaps a more tomato-based sauce might go with it? Timmy

    • Hmm, I think the main thing to be aware of is that sweet potato and normal potato have pretty different textures, so you may need to lessen egg quantity or up the flour a bit. You’re looking for a moist dough, but not sticky. As for the sauce, a tomatoey one would be nice – I think sweet pots are good with a bit of chilli too, so you could spice it up a bit if you wanted. Goats or feta cheese are also good. I guess use whatever you have to hand or feel like! So pleased you’re giving it a go, would you be able to send a pic of the finished dish to Would love to see it!

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