Things seem to be growing!!!

Somehow, without my noticing, things have really started to kick off on the growing side of things.  I’m a little worried that the reason for this sneaky growth is that the plants have been totally free from my meddling for the last four months.  Or perhaps it’s as simple as it being the start of Spring and if that’s the case, I have a new found love for Spring.

Most excitingly is the rhubarb.  I planted this late last summer as the man in Borough market said that it would be fine to do so.  I had illusions of billowing rhubarb plants like my grandmother used to have.  However, in reality, I planted it and soon after (as far as I could tell) it died.  But, no, no, no, it lives!  I shouldn’t really get too excited as it’s only one, pretty spindly stalk and the leaf has been pretty thoroughly munched by some little beastie, but hey, perhaps it will grow into a billowing bush one day and if not I’ll make the most delicious (and minimal) rhubarb compote from my one stick of rhubarb.  Here are some pics, as a temporary measure I’ve hidden it under a bottle in the hope that it will protect the rhubarb from whatever was nibbling it.

Now to move on to the herbs… These have been looking pretty miserable for a little while now and I was thinking that I might just have to replant them.  But, they seem to have sprung back to life to and are sprouting new leaves all over the place, looking healthier than ever.  Here’s the mint and the parsley:

I think my garlic is my prize plant.  I love garlic so it’s always going to be a favorite.  I can’t obviously see what’s going on under the soil, but above ground it all looks like it’s going swimmingly.  I reckon that quite soon, I’ll be able to eat some.  Mmmm.

Now, back indoors…  Here is a little shot of the chilli progress.  I’m a bit worried that I’m getting a repeat of the lettuce business as they’ve been at this stage for a little while and growth isn’t exactly forthcoming.  I think I need to do some research on this one or maybe just wait for it to get a bit warmer?  Maybe feed them with something?  If anyone has any chilli growing experience I’d love some advice…

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