All about my mother…

I just realised that I hadn’t yet introduced you to my mother, before I do though, I’d like to warn you that she ain’t much of a looker…  As with all mothers, she came from my mother’s mother, but she is a little more special than the rest.  She makes vinegar.  And this is she:

The way it works is that any time there is a splash of red wine left in the bottom of a bottle, (quite rare in this house), rather than throwing it down the drain you add it to your mother and it ferments into vinegar.  You simply keep it in a dark cupboard and let it do its thing, using and topping up as you please.  You never have to buy vinegar again!  As with anything you can be more of a purist and delve into the complications of making spectacular vinegars, but this is good enough for me and much tastier than shop bought varieties.

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4 Responses to All about my mother…

  1. more information please! is this a glass jar with a lid? what is a mother??

  2. Totty Pease says:

    Fascinating… How do you make the mother?

  3. Duncan Maclay says:

    Totty, I think that actually is a piece of her mother. From the bottom of her left foot if I am not mistaken.

  4. Sorry Fiona, the mother is that funny blobby looking thing – it’s just a culture that turns the wine to vinegar. The professional vinegar makers probably keep it all in a much more advanced jar with a stopper – mine is just in an old glass flour jar.

    Totty, to answer your question – I’m not sure you can make them, I pinched mine off my mum, so I think you’d have to find someone who’s got a ‘mother’… Next time you’re in London I’d happily give you a piece of mine…

    Duncan… I’ll tell her you said that! In fact she’ll probably read it for herself…

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