Getting busy in the garden…

I keep being told that March is a very very busy time in the garden, half way through the second week in March I began to get nervous that I’d missed my moment.   So I promptly kicked myself into action and picked up some seeds, a bit more compost and read a little bit about the whole seed sowing thing.  It seems you have to plant most of them inside and then transplant them at a later date as they can’t quite cope with the cold.  So using the same method as the chilli seeds, i.e some good compost for seedlings and planting them in empty cream cartons etc.  I’ve planted up the following indoors: Tumbling Tom Red Tomatoes, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Thyme, Chives and some Wild Italian Sweet Peas.  The thyme and tomatoes are the ones with cling film over them as it says to cover them with a propagator or polythene (clingfilm is the closest I have).  They are close to a radiator and below a window, fingers crossed.

And then, apparently these things can bear the weather, I went outside and added a bit more compost to the soil, made a few trenches (or drills) and sowed the following at the depth specified on the back of the packs: Radish, Leeks and Carrots.  I’m going to have to be really patient as I’m not going to see any seedlings for at least a week and some say it takes up to 21 days for some of the seedlings to appear.  I think this waiting game is going to be painful.With all this done, I was sure I was meant to be busier…  So I gave the garden a good tidy up, sweeping leaves etc, but was then at a slight loss of what to do.  It might just be that my garden’s a bit too small to be that busy, and thinking about it, if everything I plant succeeds in growing I won’t have enough space for it all.  Time to order some window boxes and hanging baskets I think…  If anyone knows of anything else I should be doing to keep busy, please let me know as I’m very weary of messing up this whole gardening thing.

Then today, despite my spacial concerns, I walked past some people selling plants and I couldn’t resist buying a few more.  They were part of the St Mungo’s Putting Down Roots project, which is all about teaching homeless people about gardening and landscaping and helping them to get back on their feet with a qualification and a reference.  It seems like a really great project and they’ve made a huge difference to the garden at St John’s Church on Waterloo Road (where I bought these plants from), building mosaic benches and keeping the gardens beautiful.  Should you want some plants, they are there every Tuesday.  I picked up a Raspberry plant, two Strawberry plants and some Crocuses (or croci?), all the money goes to the guys who planted them and they have a big variety of plants.

And then last but not least, my little chilli plants!  They have four leaves each now and I’m very proud of them:

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3 Responses to Getting busy in the garden…

  1. Ricky says:

    I have been looking into square foot gardening – I think I would benefit from the order and structure, and the lower-maintenance. Do you have any experience with that?

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