Lovely little Seedlings

There has been so much going on on the gardening front that I have barely been able to contain my excitement.   I have grown a verging on unhealthy obsession with my seedlings and I think, touch wood, that they are doing pretty well.  I won’t deny that I worry about them, I’ve also dreamt about them and as soon as I get home they are the first thing I go to, sorry James.   It all seems pretty magical, but at the same time they also seem very fragile.   It’s a little stressful at times, for example there seems to be something that comes into the garden at night to pull things up and have a good dig around, but I’m going to get some form of netting or something to try and protect them from whatever creature it is.  On the other hand, it is incredibly rewarding to see things grow.

A Row of Ravishing Radishes

So here are some updated photos since my last gardening post, Getting busy in the garden, which was only 3 weeks ago.  The growth from planting them then to what they are today I think is amazing, not on my part, but on the whole nature side of things.  I’m still finding it hard to believe (I’m not even trying to understand, I am no scientist), that somehow from a tiny little seed I may get a whole bunch of tomatoes.

Look closely...very closely...the fist sign of a leek!

There was a moment of confusion when there seemed to be a rogue seed sprouting in with my tomatoes.  I though I’d just wait and see if it might begin to look more like the rest of them with a few more days growing.  It didn’t, and similar seedlings started sprouting in with the thyme and the broccoli.  It did start to remind me of something else I’d planted though…. The chilli!  If you read the post about the seeds I’d dried and planted, you’ll remember that some of them didn’t appear to do anything…. I’d given up on them entirely and thought that I’d probably done something dodgy with the seeds.  But, oh no, they are now growing and I have a small chilli farm.  What had happened is that I used the same soil to plant the new seeds, I’d simply mixed it up with some water and repotted it.  I’m guessing that these chilli seeds prefered the warmer conditions and moister soil!  So here are all my chilli plants, repotted away from the other plants.  The bigger ones are obviously the first ones that sprouted and are Scotch Bonnets, I don’t what the smaller ones are, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…

Here are my broccoli seedlings.   Since they started sprouting, I’ve put each in their own pot so that they have room to grow as some were getting a bit tall and spindly.  They seem pretty happy now.  They’ve grown from this:

To this:

Also, I bought a few more strawberry plants and have hung them up in a basket, they are just begining to flower (I think that’s a good thing).  Here are a few pics to show how I planted them:

I’m not too sure what to do with the raspberry plant, I think I need to train it up some poles or something similar – I need to look into this one.  Anyone know how to do this?  I’ve transfered it to this pot and transplanted the chives from inside into the sides of the pot:

And here are some tiny little carrot tops:

There’s also a bit of rocket that is begining to show signs of life, my herbs from last year are looking great and then there are some tiny thyme seedlings starting to look alive (although too small for my camera to focus on).  All in all, it’s pretty exciting really (for me anyway).

Ooh, I nearly forgot… Look at my tomatoes too:

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