A Small Garden Explosion

Our garden has gone mental.  One of James’ friends, Ricky, gave us a fantastic house-warming present from Rocket GardensIt’s amazing.  About a week and a half ago an enormous box full of straw and seedlings arrived on our doorstep. 

James and I knew this was coming, but had failed to get ourselves prepared for it.  I hadn’t really been able to visualise what was going to arrive so in my seed sowing enthusiasm hadn’t left anywhere near enough space for all these wondrous little plants.  This all left us in a situation of not having much space, lots of plants and the time pressure of having to plant them quickly so they didn’t wilt and die on us.  We had a good search around the house for anything that could be transformed into a planter / flower-pot we came up with a few goodies and James set to work with the drill to create some drainage holes. 

Two of these old CD shelves, destined for the 28lettuces


A couple of biscuit tins which have now got some lovely little kale in them


A big plastic tub for some carrots

I had ordered a few window boxes from a great company called crates4you who make customised apple crates.  I used them for the some of the rocket and mustard seeds.  I also put some carrots in one of the boxes, but I’m a little worried that they are not really deep enough – baby carrots? 

The long and the short of it is that our garden went from being pretty barren with a few of my struggling seedlings to brimming with life and things planted in every possible inch of space.  In the months to come we are certainly not going to go hungry!

 Inside, the mini greenhouse has grown quite considerably too:

Providing I don’t mess it all up and kill everything, it’s pretty exciting to think we’ll be feasting on cauliflower, red cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, courgettes and lots lots more throughout the summer.  If they are anywhere near as tasty as the radishes I will be very happy!

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