Fish Fight Friday – Crab!

This isn’t much of a recipe really… I was just flicking through some photos from a wonderful weekend earlier this year and was reminded of this delicious crab.  Picking crabs is not the most enjoyable of activities – it’s long-winded and fiddly.  However, when faced with a tiresome job like this two addtions can really help to make it bearable; a bottle of bubbles and a good friend to talk to.  So armed with some Prosecco and my friend Frankie we set to gossip, oops, I mean work.

The crabs were bought from a fishmonger on the beach in a village called Beer, caught and boiled up that morning.  They were about £2.50 each and utterly delicious.  We mixed all the meat together with a little mayonaise, tabasco, lemon juice and a tiny bit of worcestershire sauce.  Plenty of seasoning and served with some salad leaves.  Super simple and super delicious.  I couldn’t recommend it more.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures while we were preparing our crabs, to really understand how to do it pictures are probably helpful.  Luckily however, Delia’s people have put together a very helpful step by step guide, just click here to see it.

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