Garden Bounty

Check out our box of veg from the other day,  brimming with all sorts of wonderful delicious-ness.  I reckon this was our biggest ‘crop’ yet and it certainly excited me – we foisted it upon my unsuspecting family who came for dinner that night.

We fried the broccoli, courgettes and kale in a large, deep frying pan with a little olive oil and some garlic (plucked from the garden earlier in the year), seasoned with plenty of salt and pepper and then added a good splash or two of sherry vinegar at the end.

I scrubbed and chopped the carrots and served it with some Baba Ghanoush (a chargrilled aubergine, blitzed up with tahini, olive oil, ground cumin, garlic and lemon juice to taste – essentially Humous with an aubergine rather than chickpeas).

And the one lonely beetroot went in with a tray of non-home-grown veg ready to be roasted.  The family didn’t see this though as James and I snuck it into our mouths when they weren’t looking.

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