Who would have thunk it, a Purple Cauliflower

I seem to have awoken a slight cauliflower obsession in myself.  On Saturday, I found myself in a local greengrocers and stumbled upon this huge purple cauliflower.  This was news to me, I have never seen anything of the likes so couldn’t resist snatching it up and seeing what it had to offer.   We were surprising my friend Fred with a BBQ for his 30th and this formed part of the surprise which seemed appropriate as it’s colour is really quite alarming.

I wasn’t hugely imaginative with it as I did pretty much the same as with the other cauliflower I cooked recently, only with different spices and a dressing.  This time, once having been blanched for a couple of minutes, it was seasoned with a teaspoon of each Sumac, Za’atar and Caraway for the roasting.  I let it cool and then mixed it together with some dwarf green beans and runner beans from the garden which I had blanched and refreshed.  The dressing was made up of one part raspberry vinegar and one part white wine vinegar to three parts extra virgin olive oil and then a bit of seasoning.

It was very delicious, much like your normal cauliflower in taste but definitely a bit more intriguing to look at!  I’m not sure how much it had to do with the cauliflower, but Fred seemed suitably surprised by the whole thing anyway.

On another note, check out our first tomatoes.  Some a little on the small side, but perfectly ripe and incredibly tasty eaten straight from the plant.  Any seasoned tomato growers out there with ideas as to why they’re so stunted?

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3 Responses to Who would have thunk it, a Purple Cauliflower

  1. frippy says:

    Maybe they are cherry tomatoes??

  2. Candice says:

    It’s amazing ! See the purple cauliflower for the first time.

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