Happy Birthday!

Not only is it my very good friend Hamish’s 30th birthday on this very day, but also a belated Happy 1st Birthday to my blog.   So rather than celebrating with the usual cake, it’s crab apple jelly time (that’s how I realised the blog was a year old).  As chance would have it, birthday boy Hamish made some crab apple jelly from last year’s recipe (adding some chillies for a bit of heat) and he sent a picture my way.  So here are his delightful jellies:

Check out the recipe here.  It really is very simple to make and if you can get your hands on some crab apples it is completely delicious – any good greengrocers should be able to get them for you or you could find a tree somewhere, I remember seeing some last year by North Acton tube.  It’s a great jelly to make if you’ve never made one before as you don’t have to faff around with gelatine as there’s a super amount of pectin in the crab apple skins.  I had 2.5kg of apples this year and added about 15 sage leaves and 5 bay leaves when simmering them at the begining, hopefully that will have given the jelly a nice extra bit of flavour.

Happy Birthday Hamish! x

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday!

  1. Kavey says:

    Happy blog birthday!

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