Amazing Grilled Kipper

I had grand designs of turning two tasty looking oak smoked kippers into either a kedgeree or some super tasty culllen-skink-esque soup or maybe using them as a composite part of a fish-filled pie.  It appeared however that by the time we were going to eat I had very little energy to cook so I went down a much simpler route.  Therefore what you have here is a super quick and delicious recipe for grilled kippers.

Despite the fact they look like grilled bananas in the pic, I promise they were very tasty and they have the added bonus of being pretty cheap too (£3.99 for two kippers).  I recommend serving them up with some boiled new potatoes and some greens – we slightly bizarrely had them with corn on the cob as that had also arrived in our Abel and Cole box which was delicious smeared with the remainder of the kipper-y butter.   If you have any kipper left over you could always make a delicious little pate by blitzing with soft cream cheese, I doubt you will though as we were almost sucking at the bones to get more.

40g butter, softened

2 Smoked Kippers, approx 400g

about 8 sprigs of thyme

pinch of cayenne

Heat the grill to high.  Line a baking tray with tin foil and smear half the butter over the foil.   Place the kippers (skin side up) on top of the buttered foil with 4 sprigs of thyme under each one.

Place the rest of the butter in a small pan with the cayenne and melt.  Meanwhile place the kippers under the grill for approx 1-2 minutes. They will curl up beautifully (I like watching this bit) and just as they start to colour and sizzle it’s time to turn them over, do this by removing from the oven, flip them over and then brush with the melted butter. Cook them skin side up for a further 5 minutes.

Remove and serve with wedges of lemon.

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4 Responses to Amazing Grilled Kipper

  1. David huglin says:

    As kids my Dad used to come home from the Isle of Man with a box of Manx kippers which we used to devour!! However, as much as I love Manx kippers, and although I’ve not tried the Abel and Cole kippers, these are the best kippers I’ve tried (I’ve tried Achiltibuie, Loch Fine and Welsh kippers as well). Was never popular at school on kipper days though!!

    • Laura Fyfe says:

      Ooh, thanks David. It sounds like your kipper experience is far greater than mine – I’ll definitely give the L. Robson and Sons kippers a go – they seem to be about double the price of the Abel & Cole ones so they’d better be worth it!

  2. Jenny Lau says:

    I’ve never had kippers! Do Abel and Cole do a whole range of other fish then? How does it keep in the box or do you have to be there to receive it?

  3. Laura Fyfe says:

    well you must have some soon! they’re yum. they come in a ‘woolcool’ insulated box thing to keep ’em nice and cold until you get to them. and yes, they do a whole range of fresh fish, but our delivery is on a monday and i’d be a bit worried about how fresh it could be. plus, i love Steve Hatt.

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