Welcome Back Mr Christmas Tree

I had a bit of a fit at the nice man at the counter in Marks and Spencers the other day.  He was ringing up my tights and as he reached for a bag*, I began at him with a torrent of fury.  My line of anger was that he was trying to put my belongings in a Christmas shopping bag and it was FAR too early for this sort of festive cheer.  He looked a little baffled and taken aback meanwhile trying to explain to me it was not the evil Christmas related beast I thought it was, just quite simply a red bag.  I left feeling a little stupid and him a little bruised.

Despite all of that and my inherent hatred for any mention of Christmas before a time I deem appropriate, I’ve got a little festive message for you here.  Sorry for my hypocrisy.  It’s a bit of a repeat of last year and a bit of a shout out for the wonderful people at Trees for Rent.  They send out living trees that go back at the end of the season to be replanted and come back to you the next year.  So early January last year, we duly tagged our tree with our name and address and back it comes this year.  I’m telling you now as this is the time to order your environmentally friendly, healthy tree.  Go on, just click here.  It’s worth it.

*I’m aware at this point, I should have had my bag-for-life, a little further hypocrisy.

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