Presents so good you could eat them…

I have worked on umpteen shoots this year revolving around the theme of Edible Christmas Gifts, I guess it’s recession friendly and pretty fun to get stuck into.  One thing worth bearing in mind is that some of it takes a little pre-thought and planning.  So here I am furthering the hypocrisy of the last post by shoving some more Christmas related goodies down your cyber-waves.  Here are a few ideas that could work as Christmas presents then nearer to the time you could get to work on fudges / toffees / biscuits and the likes.  All you need to do is wrap them up in nice little boxes / bottles / jars and tie some pretty ribbons on and hey presto, a bunch of edible Christmas Presents.

Infused Gins / Vodkas – you could use anything from damsons to sloes to satsumas – I think I even remember someone at university making a Skittles vodka (however I don’t recommend this).Flavoured Oils – this link is to basil oil, but you could equally do it with chillies, rosemary, garlic, mint or what ever the lucky recipient likes!

Spiced Nuts – delicious and simple

Flavoured Vinegars -similar to the oils and equally versatile.  They add a really great flavour to salad dressings and the likes.

Crab Apple Jelly – i’m not sure there are many crab apples left out there, but there are plenty of other things you can make delicious jellies from (normal apples for a start) and I guess you could get into a bit of jam making too.

Spiced Apple Chutney – any old chutney makes a delicious present.

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4 Responses to Presents so good you could eat them…

  1. Jenny Lau says:

    I love this – I did loads of research last year as I was also feeling recession-y and would also recommend chocolate bark (easy to make and pretty), sugared as well as spiced nuts, and poached pears in wine which make a great dessert.

    Can you do a recipe for edible baubles / tree decorations pleeeease? x

  2. truefoodie says:

    We were up to our ears in edible presents too this year. Biscuits, brownies, truffles, cookie mixes in jars. It makes me feel so Martha Stewart!

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