Lucky Chip

My post about Meat Liquor created a bit of a debate on Facebook about where exactly the best London burger could be found, so investigation has duly begun. Prompted by Geoff (a contributor to the brilliant blog Things We’ve Eaten), I headed to Netil Market in London Fields to investigate the much talked (and tweeted) about Lucky Chip.

As you can see, it’s a burger from a van type affair and is similarly no frills like the Meat Liquor delight.

This was no doubt a delicious and highly respectable burger with highlights that may out-strip the Meat Liquor counterpart, but it’s overall effect didn’t quite scream out at me as much. There wasn’t the sweetness to the bun which to me is an essential, it was a good bun though – lightly toasted on the smoky grill. The burger wasn’t charred enough to give it that really great smoky flavour. However, the meat itself was absolutely phenomenal. Rare to perfection and incredibly juicy (and messy). Perhaps more messy for some than others…

It was full of good well matured beefy deliciousness. I had a cheese and bacon burger, a slightly solitary piece of gherkin was slipped in there too, but quite frankly I could have done with more and I missed the tangy tastiness of the Meat Liquor relish.

The other slight pitfall were the ‘fries’, I like these thin and crispy with my burger and these were neither, slightly floppy and a little disappointing. Having said this though, it is well worth a taste and can be accompanied by a trot round the corner to Broadway Market.

Molly and Wolfie certainly liked the look of it…

The quest for more super tasty burgers shall continue and any recommendations would be greatly appreciated..?

Lucky Chip, Netil Market (but mobile), Westgate Street. Check their Facebook page to see where they’ll be, or follow them on twitter. Burger around £6

The burger chart currently looks like this:

1. Meat Liquor
2. Lucky Chip

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5 Responses to Lucky Chip

  1. Jenny Lau says:

    Hmm that’s a shame. To be honest after Meatliquor on Friday, I could happily give up all other burgers and just eat there forever!

    What about the Hache in Camden? or Honest in Brixton? x

    • It was very good, just not quite as good. Thanks for the recommendations. I tried to go to honest the other day, but it was crazily busy. I shall return, never heard of hache, but will be sure to check it out. Mmm, burgers

  2. Will McMyn says:

    I am very much of the Hache (Camden) School.

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