Sowing Seeds

Embarrassingly, since my last ‘gardening’ post there has been very little action.  However, over a month later (honestly speaking, it’s been 2 months), I finally found myself urged to plant some seedlings.  The thing that swayed me mentally was getting into the garden and tidying it up a bit.  It was a MESS.  Somehow by sweeping up the leaves and pulling away the dead things, I got properly excited again by the prospect of growing some veg.  I guess it’s the same principle as having a tidy desk (or kitchen in my case) making it more enticing to work.

During the garden clean up, I came across some dried up runner bean pods from last year’s crop.  I cracked them open and to my amazement there were these beautiful dried beans ready for planting.

I did a little research and I think I’ve sown them a bit early, but I have a real problem with patience, I was too over-excited by them and I couldn’t wait.  I may live to regret this, but let’s hope not.  They’re now happily sprouting inside by a window which gets lots of glorious sunshine.

I found a company online called The Real Seed Catalogue who are great.  They send out beautifully packaged seeds which they grow themselves and know to be good varieties and successful producers.  The best part of it is that for every seed they sell they provide information on how to save the seeds yourself to plant the following year – not the best business model for them perhaps, but wonderfully self-less and brilliantly educational.  Of the seeds I got from them, I’ve sown three different varieties of tomatoes:

Purple Ukraine – Large Purple Vine Tomato

Galina – Early Cherry Tomato (yellow)

Costoluto Fiorentino – a large red and slightly ribbed Vine Tomato

They’ve all popped out into little seedlings so things are going well on that front.  I’ve decided that our tomato plants didn’t grow so well last year in our slightly sun-deficient garden.  So this year, I’m going to see what happens if I keep them inside by the really sunny window we have.

I’ve also sown some Sweetpea seeds inside as they were so beautiful last year and smelt amazing.  Oh and on another flower note, I’ve planted some Grape Hyacinths or Muscari which by all reports are pretty low maintenance and come back year after year.

Outside, I’ve sown some radishes (easy and fast to grow), leeks, lettuce leaves, dwarf early peas and spring onions.  The lettuce leaves are sprouting, as are the radishes.  I haven’t seen anything from the others, but this is something I’m willing to be patient for.  That’s about it for now, but as with last year, I’m hugely over excited by the sprouting seedlings and I check on them more often than is probably healthy.  I’ve even caught myself whispering words of encouragement.  It’s a slippery slope.

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4 Responses to Sowing Seeds

  1. frankie says:

    If you find you have any seedlings that you don’t end up having room for, handily I’m running a care home for unwanted plants this year. Coincidence or what?!

  2. frippyfyfe says:

    You make me laugh. I love your enthusiasm xxx

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