Smoked Springbok and Garden Fumblings

My lack of blogging of late comes with a very good reason, I’ve been too busy feasting myself on delicacies such as this:

An incredible fillet of rooibos (aka red bush) smoked springbok on delicious chargrilled sourdough with a celeriac remoulade, an incredible pear chutney and some unidentifiable berries.  Yes. I. am. on. holiday.  The other South African treats that have come my way have been in the form of orange infused ostrich, impala tartare, king clip, guava cherries and gallons of phenomenal South African wines.  The holiday will go on and I will continue to taste and experience as many things unique to my belly as possible.  I can’t wait.  Hopefully these tastes will inspire and infuse the recipes to follow on the blog over the coming months.  It turns out the South Africans know how to cook and have some truly brilliant ingredients at their fingertips.

Just before I sign off to eat some more delicious foods (sorry, I think one is permitted a little smugness when on holiday) I’d like to give a quick update on some rogue last minute seed sowing I hastily embarked on mid suitcase packing.  I attempted to start some courgette seeds inside – how they’ll do with a lack of water and attention, I don’t know, but better to try than not?  Maybe pointless?

Outside I threw down some dill seeds, I’d been advised that a shady area was good for this, so that’s where they landed.  I stuck some beetroot seeds into another pot, but saw a fox trampling all over them when I woke up at 6am over-excited about the holiday, so I hope that hasn’t deterred them.  It scared me enough and I’m a lot bigger than a seed.  Fingers crossed.  I sowed a couple of rows of rainbow chard, this failed last year, so I’ve gone with a different position (a bed vs a pot) and more morning light, a bit of trial and error here.

And then there were a couple of other pots I sowed something in, but the holiday wine is playing with my brain a little and I can’t be sure what that was, I’m assuming a lettuce of some sort, but I couldn’t remember the day after either so probably something I don’t like very much…  Oh and some carrots in another pot.  All this gives me something exciting to look forward to on the return from the holiday, even if it’s all a complete failure, I reckon I’ll still have some time to sow some more in time for a good summer crop of something in our tiny garden.  Time will but tell….

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2 Responses to Smoked Springbok and Garden Fumblings

  1. Jenny Lau says:

    I am well jel of your South African adventure…

    I always come back from any holiday with mainly memories of (and photos of) food. That’s what holidays are for, right??

  2. emilybooks says:

    Oooh lucky you. Enjoy all that springbok – it was definitely my favourite South African food. Thought you’d be pleased to hear that, following your inspiring post a few weeks ago, I have just put a big tray of muesli ingredients in the oven. Better late than never. I felt quite smug when buying linseed at Planet Organic. Hope you have a lovely trip! x

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