Langoustine et La Cerisee

I hope that everyone had a lovely Jubilee weekend.  I have just come back from the most wonderful wedding in Normandy where we took advantage of the long weekend and spent a few days in the area enjoying the amazingly fresh and delicious food (and wine and cider) on offer.  The food at the wedding was some of the best wedding food I’ve had, it has to be admitted that the French do know what they’re doing when it comes to ingredients and cooking.

We were staying in a really beautiful self-catering cottage in the heart of Deauville run by an artist who lives just across the courtyard and has done it up in a such a beautiful whimsical French way.   I completely fell in love with the place.

On our first evening wandering around looking for somewhere to eat we got completely over excited when we stumbled across a fish market in neighbouring Trouville.  Everything looked so incredibly fresh and delicious that we couldn’t resist but to buy as much of it as we could possibly eat and forego the idea of eating in a restaurant.

Seeing as we were on holiday, we splashed out and got four langoustine which were quite simply some of the most delicious shell fish I have ever eaten, boiled for 3 minutes and eaten with the tiniest squeeze of lemon juice.  So sweet and incredible.

We also got some tiger prawns which I fried for a few minutes on each side with plenty of butter and a bit of lemon.  Yum.

Slightly ambitiously we also bought a couple of lemon sole, but there was no space for these after the langoustine and prawns so we fried them up for our pre-wedding lunch.  Lemon Sole has to be my favourite fish, it is so unbelievably delicate and delicious and all it needs is 2-3 mins on each side and again plenty of delicious french butter in the pan and hey presto!  Ooh and a lovely 10 euro bottle of Sancerre (heaven).

To go with all this fishy deliciousness, we found a lovely small shop round the corner from the fish market selling beautiful fresh veg, so we snapped up plenty of that as well and some hugely delicious potatoes and my favourite Gariguette strawberries.

It was all so incredibly tasty, I only wish it was that easy to buy super fresh amazing ingredients in London.  It is my favourite way to eat, so little fuss and so much wonderful flavour.

If you happen to be looking for somewhere beautiful to stay in Deauville, I couldn’t recommend La Cerisee more.  The lovely Isabelle who runs it delivers you a basket of fresh bread and croissants in the morning, what more could you ask for!  It’s a really interesting area and Deauville itself is beautiful, so with just a bit of driving and a little trip on the Euro Tunnel it’s very do-able for a long weekend.  Go and eat some Langoustine!

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2 Responses to Langoustine et La Cerisee

  1. Thanks for the tips! What made the wedding food so delicious? Another blog post please 🙂

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