Get It While It’s Hot

With only a couple of weeks left of the Asparagus season you don’t want to miss out on the delicious freshness of the home grown stuff.  Go to a greengrocer where it’s likely to be fresher than the supermarket and do what you while with it.  Simply boil it for 2-3 mins to tender perfection and eat it straight up or my favourite is to coat it in a little oil and griddle it for 3-4 mins until lightly charred and then serve it with a poached egg, salt, pepper and a little grating of parmesan.  Oh and the other day I wrapped some in pancetta, griddled that and then dipped in a boiled egg.  YUM.

However you want to eat it, I recommend getting involved before we return to the stuff that gets flown in from miles away.  There ain’t nothing out there like British asparagus.

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