The Garden got Planted

This year I took it upon myself to nominate James as head of gardening.  There were moments when I wasn’t entirely sure anything was going to materialise, but lo and behold last Friday a box full of delicious plug plants arrived from Rocket Gardens and in they went to his immaculately turned soil in a very orderly fashion.


The first year we grew veg we were given a Rocket Garden box and it was a huge success.  Last year I boldly thought I should have a go entirely from seed, it was not such a success.  With our limited space / experience / knowledge messing around with growing from seed meant that the rate of success wasn’t really high enough for it to be worth it.  At least with these plug plants things have a bit more of a chance, so fingers crossed everything will grow perfectly and I’ll have lots of recipes for you using peas, dwarf beans, tomatoes, runner beans, courgettes, strawberries, rainbow chard, spinach and more lettuce than I can possibly conceive of eating.


In the meantime, if anyone’s garden remains unplanted or you’ve got a window box or some space going begging I can’t recommend Rocket Gardens more highly (even Hugh F-W endorses them, and he actually knows what he’s talking about).  We went for the Patio Container Garden, but there’s a whole array to choose from and you can also buy different vegetables individually.  Alternatively, your local garden centre or Homebase will be able to stock you up on lots of little seedlings.

On a more fruity note, we were given a beautiful little apple tree especially for container planting as a wedding present so that has gone in and I’ve also begun our very own vineyard with one grape vine bought at the lovely Colombia Road.  So watch this space for lots of recipes using our fruit and veg straight from the ground…


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